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What is COP26 in 2021 & Why India committed for Net Zero by 2070 when the conference targeted 2050?

Episode Summary

Why COP26 is suffixed with number 26 when it is happening in the year 2021? And when the proposed plan was requested to submit against the action to reach net zero by 2050, let’s try and figure out what are the probable reasons for India to commit 2070, that 20 years more.

Episode Notes

So UNFCCC calls this summit every year with the agenda of global agreement on the fight against climate change. And 197 countries, which means the entire world became its member party and it was agreed that we are required to limit the rise of temperature by 2 degree celsius. And for the same reason, the annual meet started to happen. Now this every year summit is what is called COP, i.e. Conference of Parties.

Now this COP-26 was titled as Target to reach Net Zero 2050 and the message was for countries to come up with a plan which should determine all the things that they would be doing to assure that they will reach to Net Zero by 2050. But India committed that they can do Net Zero by 2070 only, let’s try to find out why.




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