Conscious Citizens - The Climate is Changing

How Blockchain can help fight Climate Change?

Episode Summary

What could be the possible use case scenario of BlockChain when it comes to Climate Change. To understand that let me setup a high level understanding of BlockChain first, then we will discuss what problems we can solve with BlockChain when it comes to the Climate Action. This episode is not focused on explaining the blockchain and its benefits, if you are listening to me then you definitely have heard the word blockchain and willing to understand this technology alongside Climate Change.

Episode Notes

Blockchain is a word that is widely understood as some sought of a digital payment mechanism. Because people tend to relate it with Bitcoin and they limit Blockchains potential to just money transfers. But Blockchain is way bigger and it represents a technology in itself, Digital money usage or for that matter Bitcoin is one of the use case of Blockchain.

The decentralised approach of blockchain can provide both breadth and depth. And It can engage and enable everyone to participate in the fight of Climate Change. It will allow us tracking and reporting of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions along the entire supply chain, including manufactures, suppliers, distributors and consumers.

Just as the internet today is much bigger than email, the rise of blockchain technology is much more than decentralised money alone. The combination of blockchains and oracles are leading a new era of smart technologies that can create entirely new types of incentives for sustainable human consumption. Innovations in blockchain technologies are powerful enablers for collective action to fight climate change and it can be leveraged if we consider it by heart.