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COVID-19 is Awful but Climate Change will be disastrous | Conscious Citizens

Episode Summary

In this Podcast Episode of Conscious Citizens, we will learn about the preface of the concerning matter of Climate Change. Climate change is the biggest threat to mankind, and it is very important to consider that this is a matter of a huge concern. This first Episode is a baseline introduction, prefixed with an introductory prologue with COVID-19 and how the shift in mindset due to Novel Coronavirus can motivate us to take actions for fighting this Climate Emergency.

Episode Notes

COVID-19 has created a human tragedy on a huge scale, and it has led to major consequences for the global economy leading to an extended recession and a long-term hardship. Over 185m people have been effected with Coronavirus till date and it has made a dramatic impact on our daily lives, forcing us to change our behaviour and our thought processes. And there is no doubt that, This virus has been tremendously disastrous, but do we realise that in a few decades, a similar catastrophe will be witnessed again; as climate change?




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